The Jetty

CLIENT: The Jetty

The Jetty is a restaurant in Marshfield, MA that experienced an identity crisis. The concept for The Jetty was hatched in the fall of 2013 by Tracy and Richard Vaughan. It was originally intended to be a seaside oasis for sporty folk in search of a destination to park their bikes and hydrate after a long day of exercise. I was brought in early as a creative. I helped to nail down the name. I sat in on meetings with the interior designer while the ambience of the eatery was determined. Along with the owners I refined the palette that would help define the brand in the interior of the building as well as on all printed and digital material. I created the logo and branding and even created the static informational website. The Jetty was soon established as “a sports bar for participants”. I didn’t fall in love with everything that was put forward but sometimes done is better than perfect.


Fast forward two years and The Jetty has now found itself as one of the best venues for live music on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Still catering to its share of athletes, the growing pains have subsided and the business has found its niche in music. Luckily the branding still works although the theme has changed. Located in Marshfield, the sandy floors and casual surf vibe decor serve to enhance the adopted personality.

In May of 2016 I began a much needed overhaul of the original website. It was aesthetically pleasing - on desktop...  It was not responsive. There was no positive flow and the only way to view the entertainment schedule was to follow the link to their Facebook page. The food menus were outdated and could only be viewed as PDFs. But - considering the time allotment and budget constraints - it served its purpose.  It was definitely time for a change.

Original Jetty landing page


To relaunch as a responsive website  - most importantly mobile friendly - and to engage the primary users who consider The Jetty as a destination for great live music and the secondary users who visit The Jetty for its delicious food. The owners requested that the site be created in WordPress hoping to update menus and entertainment schedules in-house.


• Create informational survey to be sent to 2800 Facebook fans

• Use results to determine a set of specific questions that will allow us to dig deeper

• Hold in person interviews at the establishment during peak/non-peak hours covering both foodies and music lovers blanketing all demographics

• Do a competetive analysis of area restaurants as well as regional music venues

• Synthesize data

• Establish user flows for both primary and secondary user

• Ideate/Sketching (all the while checking in with The Jetty admins to ensure all business needs have also been met)

• Perform user testing on patrons with paper protypes

• Iterate/Create wireframes

• More user testing

• High fidelity mockups

• Live WordPress site

That was then and this is now...

As of February 2017 I no longer maintain the site. Content and current design reflects the choice of the owners of The Jetty and are no longer necessarily influenced by my research and original user centric design.