St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

Shown above: Versions of invitation packages created for the annual Friends black tie fund-raising gala.  Responsible for the concept, design, illustration and production, I was fortunate to have the freedom to use special techniques such as custom die cuts and embossed foil.

As a freelance art director I worked with The Friends of St. Elizabeth's and the Development Department at SEMC to design and produce many pieces. From golf and tennis fundraisers to Donor Dinners I served as an extension of the team providing graphic design & illustration as required. My favorite projects were the invitation packages for the annual black tie gala. Our process began with a brainstorming session to determine a theme for the event. I would gain inspiration from this meeting and return with thumbnail concept drawings. After buy in from the client I would create three tight mockups of potential invitations. The preferred invitation would set the theme for the entire event from the Save the Date to the elaborate party decorations. Deliverables included Save the Date Postcard, Invitation and Response Card, Program, Posters & other support materials as well as a follow up Thank You letter.